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You cannot expect to do business well, if you do not understand your clients.
At Conzulere, we recognize this better than most. The retail industry has opened up to multiple channels and avenues. This translates to your customers being offered marginally differentiated options – both online and offline.
As a result, their shopping experience is largely influenced by other factors such as product/service value, availability, and consumer reviews.
The key to winning customers then lies in identifying their individual preferences and catering to these unique needs. It is here that retail analytics can make a world of difference to you and your customers..

Conzulere offers comprehensive, result-oriented solutions that help you identify, engage, and retain your clientele.Our offerings include 


Popular theory states that it is easier and cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one. Yet, in today’s highly competitive and ever-growing business market, both these aspects not just form the crux of all business activity, but also continue to remain a daunting challenge.

Conzulere is invested in creating customer engagement experiences that redefine business. We collect, classify, analyze, and interpret data, flowing in from an array of sources, so you can enhance your brand and its values.

We help you offer the right product, at the right place and at the right time. 

Our solutions include

Loyalty Programs

 In-store experience




You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When it comes to in-store retailing, the store defines your customer’s experience – a deciding factor for consumer loyalty. This makes it an undeniably important aspect of your service delivery strategy.

Conzulere is not just adept at studying consumer behavior and trends but also in translating these into effective solutions, personalized for your offerings and its audiences. 

Our range of services include: 


Brand Assortment

Trend Analysis

 In-store placement

Buying Decisions


Business models have moved from being product-oriented to customer-centric. As such, it is unlikely that you will win the confidence and loyalty of your customers if they happen to face delivery issues or out-of-stock inventory problems. To ensure that these glitches do not adversely impact your customer engagement model, you need to put in place a flexible supply chain system that incorporates dynamic market conditions and consumer behaviors.

At Conzulere, we excel at deriving, predicting, and adapting supply chains on the basis of extensive data accumulated from multiple sources. 

Our portfolio includes services such as:

Inventory Management

 Demand and Supply Analysis

Logistics (including warehouse and transport)

Distribution Channel Management


It has been established that offering personalized experiences to your customers is a sure way of winning their loyalty. But with increasing access to diverse customer information on one hand and ever-growing clienteles on the other, understanding each customer’s likes, tastes, and preferences makes for a complex challenge. Here is where technology can play a pivotal role.

Conzulere can add value to your business model by identifying and integrating technical solutions that will enhance retail experiences for your customers. 

We enable: 

IT implementation


ERP integration

CRM analysis

Case Study 1

A Leading Retail cooperative managing over 1000 stores was unable to make informed future store investment decisions for startup or upgrade of stores. Their profitability model lacked flexibility, standardization and user friendliness.

Case Study 2

A Large Supermarket chain dealing in Home Accessories wanted to understand and act on product associations so as to increase the overall sales.

Case Study 3

A Leading Retail cooperative managing over 1000 stores was unable to optimize it’s existing promotional flyer distribution model. Their existing model had distribution errors, lacked dynamism and outlook towards new potential market.