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“The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures” 
It has been unquestionably established that data holds the answer to many a question. Whether you are looking to start a new venture or are aiming to expand your operations, data can give you the answers you have been looking for. But how does one access data that is simplified, accurate, and effective? The answer lies in Data Visualization.

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Conzulere excels at graphically representing relevant data, so decision-makers are empowered with access to accurate information. Our detailed solutions give you the real picture, so you can make strategic decisions that help your business excel and expand. We have mobilized our resources, and capitalized on our experience and expertise to develop our in-house intellectual property (IP) under Conzulere’s Business Intelligence (BI) platform. The product –a world-class solution that enables data representation on dashboards – is a decision-making system that brings together relevant information from multiple sources. 

The Complete Picture

Let’s say you run a retail chain of clothes for men, women, and children. Your stores:

Spread across 100 locations

Employ 20,000+ people 

Comprise multiple departments

Here’s a list of possible challenges you will face, just as most retailers in the industry do with such massive scales of operation: 

• Lack of data-driven customer marketing solutions

• Inability to make informed, near-real time decisions at both strategic and tactical levels

• Limited access to role-based intelligence for merchandisers, marketers, web designers etc.

To help you overcome this, we have designed our product to be your partner in good decision-making. We offer: 

• Customized solutions: Get a decision-making platform that is personalized to your individual business needs.

• User-friendly interfaces: Simplify your systems of data collection, analysis, and interpretation with our easy-to-use interfaces.

• Multiple metric diagnosis: Understand the nuances of business problems with data on multiple metrics including location, personnel, product line 

• Financial Analysis: Review financial situations with real-time information on profitability trends, and visibility on loss-making groups

• Customer Analysis: Drive better customer satisfaction through loyalty analysis and campaign effectiveness

• Store Intelligence: Optimize your store metrics with guided selling, improved stock and workforce management

• Real-time data analysis: Stay updated with business performance on a real-time basis.

• Dynamic end-to-end results: Access information from various perspectives, while incorporating the ever-changing data metrics

Trend analysis: Analyze evolving trends, customer needs, and expectations on the basis of real-time data

• Predictive analysis: Drill down to the bottom of back-end processes with the help of predictive analysis on supply chains and business process

Multi-source data collection: Use data from various sources for access to complete and accurate information on business performance (Excel,        ERP, Tally, CRM, POS servers etc)

This means that with your chain of expansive operations, you can: 
Access performance based on various strata such as: 

(Eg: Performance of Bangalore branch in January – daily, weekly, monthly etc)

Product line
(Eg: Highest selling women’s brand of clothes)

(Eg: Better performing unit between Bangalore and Mumbai) 

(Eg: Salesman with lowest productivity over last quarter in Chennai)

(Eg: Branch with highest levels of stock in southern zone)