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Do business only after you have researched your market.
Globally speaking, businesses have transformed to meet customer needs and expectations. It is no longer a question of what you offer, but of what your clients require and value. Further, with growing impact of technology, increasing competition, and reducing differentiation, it is undoubtedly an era when you need to accurately assess and address your client’s unique requirements.
Market research has been identified as one of the most successful methods of achieving these objectives. It provides relevant data on markets, consumers, and competitors to help you plan for a successful business. 

The team at Conzulere is adept at creating, collecting, analyzing, and presenting detailed market research reports, exclusively tailored for your business. We use multiple methods and systems to ensure highest quality and accuracy in data collection and interpretation. In this segment, our services comprise: 


The secret to a successful business lies in creating an environment that supports a one-to-one shopping experience for your customer. This not only helps you win over clients and retain them, but also gives consumers the attention they seek. In today’s highly globalized and digitized market, it is this feature that promotes consumer loyalty and extended clienteles.

At Conzulere, we access extensive data to help you develop and implement a winning strategy for shopper intelligence.

With our solutions, you can: 

Access detailed market insights

 Make informed decisions on expansion

Plan strategies according to well-defined market segments  


At the time of setting up a business, you need to assess and identify an area that best suits your offerings. While this may sound simple enough, it requires an in-depth study into the market, the audience, the competitors, and pricing, among several other factors.

At Conzulere, we recognize the importance of thoroughly researching and identifying the best solutions for your local store.

To help your business stand out, we offer insights on: 

 Market Expectations

Competitor Analysis

Target Segmentation


Every customer is unique. And as a business, you need to address each client’s individual need and requirement. This may prove to be a daunting challenge, especially in times of expanding clienteles and increasing competition. One effective way of addressing this challenge is grouping your customers into segments, and targeting your sales to suit each of these.

The Conzulere team works to help you:

 Identify unique customer segments

 Develop marketing strategies for each segment

Offer the right product to the right market

Build a strong relationship with your clientele, on the basis of their needs 

Case Study 1

A Large Company in the Real Estate Sector looking to raise funds in the form of equity and loan from banks wanted Market research into the 4 star and 5 star hotels, chalets, serviced apartments, and shopping mall market.

Case Study 2

A Printing, Publishing and Media Company who’s business was not succeeding in recent times faced a number of internal issues was looking to make major changes and wanted to reposition its business for a successful future.

Case Study 3

A large Petrochemical Company wanted a Market Research conducted on chemicals like Normal Pentane, iso-Pentane and Normal Hexane. The Company also wanted to make a decision on where to establish their petrochemical facility among predefined possible countries.