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It’s not just about the numbers – it is in fact, all about them.
Over the years, finance has evolved to be instrumental in defining an organization’s growth and success stories. From revenues to costs and shareholder values, every facet of finance has a significant impact on business productivity and profitability.
A detailed analysis into each of these factors not only helps you recognize trends, but also offers insights on the way forward. It is therefore paramount for businesses of all sizes and industries to record, study, and interpret financial data for improved business operations. 

Conzulere’s expertise lies in collating, categorizing, and interpreting complex financial statements to unveil consumer trends and operational shortcomings in business processes. Our offerings include: 


Your customers are at the center of all business activity. And if you are aiming to build a strong rapport with them, it is quintessential that you understand their needs, tastes, and expectations. This will not only help you meet your clients’ requirements, but also make you adaptable to changing markets and evolving customer preferences.

Conzulere offers best-in-class customer analytics, to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to reach your full potential.

We help you: 

Offer personalized shopping

Mitigate fraud with transaction pattern analysis

Optimize investment with detailed channel analysis  

Classify and target customer groups accurately


Banking and financial institutions form the heart of a robust economy.

With growing business opportunities and narrowing regulations and boundaries, these corporations are tasked with promoting growth and development across sectors. In other words, these institutions are responsible for creating a world of possibilities through informed financial decisions. Yet, there is a need to factor in an element of risk to ensure that financial resources are effectively utilized, ensuring greater output with minimal risk.

Conzulere is equipped to unfold complex scenarios on the basis of data, numbers, and analytics to help you make the right decision at the right time. 

Our range of services cover: 

Portfolio Analysis

Fraud Prevention Strategy Development

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

Risk Evaluation and Product Optimization


The credit and collections cycle is one of those financial elements that can make or break a business. Typically, the lack of analytics for your business will result in no concrete data on cash flows, poor information on customer payment trends, and inaccurate credit records. This can cripple business operations, performance, and profitability. Data analytics has the potential to revolutionize this aspect of finance for your company. At Conzulere, we believe that a healthy cash flow statement is a healthy organization. And we are invested in making yours robust and profitable. 

Our array of services include: 

Detailed analysis and insights
into Cash flows

Accurate prioritization of customers
for Accounts Receivable 

Suggestions of evaluated
payment methods


All businesses come with huge stacks of data. These are invariably a treasure of valuable information on customers, their needs and expectations, their psychology and behavior, and a lot more! All you need to do is find the right tools that will help decode all the datato give you insights that can propel your business forward. Sales and marketing analytics, in particular, are key to uncover the potential of new ideas, to identify new markets and products, as well as to build a lasting rapport with your clientele. At Conzulere, we offer all this and more. 

Our solutions are designed to enable: 

Enhanced channel delivery and 

Improved sales through 
        effective marketing solutions

Enriched marketing strategies, bettered through performance analysis 

Superior business performance
and profitability

Case Study 1

A US based financial services company lacked a robust process for measuring promotional email campaign effectiveness and wanted targetted refinement strategy

Case Study 2

A financial services provider with challenges of targeting the right customer for their credit card and wanted to make informed decisions whether to give an applicant a credit card or not.

Case Study 3

A leading merchant acquirer in US & EU depended only on transactional/behaviour data for their risk based due deligence reviews . A more effective risk profiling was created for the same